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So I’m swallowing my frustration. I want everyone to know that Exiled is coming to B&N. I promise. I think. Maybe.

For those of you that don’t live in Canada, here’s the thing: Everything to do with Indie Publishing, is just a little bit tougher when you’re up here.

First, I can’t publish directly to I must go through the US site. This is fine. However, my book won’t show up on either. I have to redirect all my Canadian comrades to the US site. This isn’t really a big deal, just a matter of inconvenience.

Second, I can’t just collect a check. Well I can, but then I loose 60% of the money my book makes. 30% to the Canadian Revenue Agency for taxes, and 30% to the IRS. Amazon, Smashwords, and all affiliates automatically take 30% for the IRS. On the plus side, Canada has a tax treaty with the US, which means I can get that 30% withholding taken off. But it’s a chore.

I need a letter from Amazon or Smashwords. Amazon would be the perfect choice, since 95% of sales – so far – come from there, but I have yet to meet an author who has gotten this letter from Amazon. Smashwords however, is GREAT at getting the letter to their clients. All you need is to make $10 in sales and then request it. Wait 6 weeks, you get the letter. Fill out a IRS form, send it to the IRS. Wait 4 – 8 weeks, get a TAX ID number. Send that in another form to all distributors who cut you a check.

It isn’t so much work, as it is just patience. I’m still learning the latter.

What is all this ranting about?

To tell you there is a B&N coming for all your Nook needs :). If you can’t wait – and I hope you can’t wait – you can download EXILED for any eReader at Smashwords.

In happy-non-ranting news: My paperback proof should, and I stress the words should, be here this week. When it comes, as long as it checks out and I approve, I will post pictures, of me, with book, possibly dancing. Maybe. If not, you can count on me smiling!

Oh! And I almost forgot: If you’re reading this, you just qualified for the SuperTasticAwesome Club (STAC). Welcome aboard. Enjoy your stay on the SS Matty. Bumpy rides are almost a guarantee on all flights, but we are sure to entertain you.

That is all. Happy Wednesday!


  1. You don't understand the tarnish my super-well-known-high-class name would receive if I was to reveal such hilarious, awkward movements to the public eye.

    I'll never be taken seriously again.

    But I digress. I will consider it.


  2. At least in Canada you have free ISBNs, we pay for them here in the US. A silver lining?? 😉

  3. Gah! You're right, I totally should have included that.

    The free ISBN is awesome. And it's very simple in that aspect.

    You fill out a typical login registration. They take 10 business days to review it. If you're approved, you get ISBN's instantly. No waiting. No applying for a block. Just enter your books information, and BAM: instant ISBN.

    Good point Patricia!

  4. You have more patience than me.

    Do STAC members get a button? Oooh, or maybe a hat? With a helicopter spinner thingy on top?

  5. Absolutely.

    All members get the follower:

    1x Leather STAC Jacket

    1x Plastic STAC Buttom c/w Flashing lights

    1x STAC Helicopter Spinny hat (propellers sold seperately)

    2x Cotton STAC Shirts. (Small only. Upcharge for larger sizes)

    1x STAC Utility Belt includes: Unawesome Repellant/Two prong fork for people who try to infiltrate STAC/1x Grappling hook gun.

    STAC Superhero names to be assigned upon enrollment.

    All this is yours if you qualify (and you do) for 12 easy payments of $39.95 (Non-refundable. Taxes and shipping are extra.)

    Disclaimer: Membership is for life. Any who try to dishonor the STAC group by means of abandoment will be stabbed with a STAC fork and possibly drown)

  6. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Or shot with my honeybadger blaster! That's right Mattman followers! I even got a special weapon! KA-POW!!! Boom!

  7. Oh yeah! And I got a STAC letter man's jacketcape! And a red bedazzled mask with 3 voice options! It only cost me a $1000 donation, but I am HARD CORE!!! *pulls out honeybadger blaster*

  8. Of course. But when they see our crew, there will be no option but to believe.

  9. I want a VIDEO of you dancing with the book! WIN.

    Now tweet me my new superhero name. Because I am fabulous!

  10. You shall now be known as StarFyre. Wielding flame, you have Zombie Fire Destruction Powers!

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