You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

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So after a short hiatus from the digital world, as per my last post, I’m back.

Baby was born,  her and Mom are FINALLY home from the hospital, and we’re all trying to settle in.

I’m back at work today, and since I’ve been away from the blog, I came back to over 100 blog posts in my reader to catch up on. I haven’t read them all, but the first one I read (it’s always the first one I read) really “grinded my gears” so to speak.

Nathan Bransford did a post about self-promotion, after receiving a few less than wonderful comments about a previous post he did. He simply reminded everyone that his blog is free, and he’d appreciate it if they’d “consider” (I repeat: consider) checking out his book, “Jacob Wonderbar And The Cosmic Space Kapow.” He recieved some comments along the lines of it being inapprorpiate for him to do a pledge of sorts on his blog. Perhaps he should create a new blog for his book. And a bunch of other garbage.

Now I’m not one to rant – generally – BUT, this is ridiculous.

First – Since when is writer not allowed to promote his own work? Did those few people that soak up all the free information he offers, then get their panty’s in a twist when he does a single self promo, forget that it’s HIS blog? If he wanted to take a picture of his butt and post it, he could so. So kudo’s for him for doing it. The promotion, not the picture of his butt…although if he had a tattoo of a space monkey, that might be interesting. Sorry, I’m getting off topic.

I’ve been following Nathan’s blog for years, and very rarely does he mention his own work. In fact, as far as Twitter, Facebook and his Blog go, I’d expect more self promotion from him. But he keeps it mild, and in my opinion (which is worth a lot. I know) he’s pretty damn classy about it.

Second – Nathan has built an HUGE audience. He too, is just starting out as an author, trying to build his career, but his blog has a massive audience because of it’s content. Because of what he’s offered the world. I’ll put down on this digital paper, that I’m a 1000 times better writer because of his blog. No question, without a doubt.

What has all his advice done for me? Given me an opportunity to write a better book, and wait for it….Here comes my plug and I won’t be ashamed about it: So far Exiled has 8 reviews, and they’re all 5-stars. That is, in part, because of the amazing advice I received from Nathan’s blog. Sure, other blogs have contributed, but no where near the capacity his has. His website is the #1 spot I believe all writers should be. If you’re not there. Go now. Well, finish reading my post, THEN, go there.

All the pressure for promotion is on the author. Whether your traditionally publishing, or indie. If you’re just starting out, you’re not getting much help. It’s stressful, it sucks, and you feel like a self centered jerk but…it’s a necessary evil. One I’d love to #troutlslap, right in the face!

Anyways, This post is in support of Nathan’s descion to promote his book. However he decides to do it. It’s his blog, it’s his book, and he is – to me – an invaluable piece of my writing world. And as such – I support him!

If you haven’t read or purchased Jacob Wonderbar, check out the links below. If you like adventure, great writing, and corndogs. This one’s for you!

Jacob Wonderbar And The Cosmic Space Kapow

Amazon (hardcover)!
Amazon (Kindle)!
Barnes & Noble (hardcover)!
Barnes & Noble (Nook)!

What would you do if a stranger offered you a spaceship in exchange for YOUR corndog?

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