Exiled – It Has Arrived

Exiled – It Has Arrived

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It’s the big day, up here in Canada we call this day Canada today, but today – for me anyways – it’s EXILED day!!!

Thank you everyone for your support, you’ve read the synopsis, the sample chapters, heard me rant and rave, I appreciate it. All of it. So without further ado:

There is some issues with ISBNs at Smashwords, so some of the catalogues, like iBooks and B&N are not available yet, but they will be, but you can fill all your .epub version needs at Smashwords!
Again, thank you to everyone who supported me. I hope you all find enjoyment with Exiled, I know I had an incredbile time writing it, and riding this crazy publishing journey. The best part is – it’s just beginning!
I’d also like to add: GO NINJA!


  1. Absolutely. I'll add one too. WOOT! WOOT! Okay that was two, but still, I'm pretty sure Exiled deserves it :).

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