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Exiled is here and ready to rock your socks off, Fantasy style. Details? Here! Go buy it and you might just earn yourself a #notroutslapforaday pass. Plus, it’s only going to be $2.99 for a short time, you don’t want to miss out on an awesome deal like that.

But what about the paperback you say? Well, it’s coming.

I was approved as a publisher – of sorts – with the new CISS and can now retrieve ISBN’s as I wish. This process took about 10 ten days after I filled out the forms, but now that it is done, it’s awesome. The ease of use in the site is great, not to mention the fact I can get an ISBN in less than 2 minutes. Who would’ve thought that way up here in Canada, we’d actually have something that was easier for authors to do than other places. No paying for ISBN’s, and not waiting weeks to get them. Sign up, wait 10 ten days, instant ISBN. I likes.

So, now I’m just putting the finishing touches on the formatting for Exiled (paperback version). I’m also waiting on the finished artwork of my spine and back cover. If they’re anything like the front color, I’m prepared to the “Matty Dance” and no, you still can’t see it.

I was supposed to start editing Shift (The Protector Series Book 2) last night, but alas, I got excited about this whole ISBN business and got straight to formatting for Create Space. I’ll finish formatting tonight, and be ready to start editing Shift tomorrow! I have a little cleaning up to do in my edits, a lot of polishing of course, but I realized as I was writing it, there were a few areas of the book I’d like to go back and thicken up. Some great characters and scenes I want to flesh out will add a huge amount of awesomness to this book.

That’s everything on the agenda for the next few weeks. Plus, there is a new baby girl coming my way on the 13th, so trying to juggle full-time job, editing book, the wife and 4 year old that for some reason, need this strange thing called attention, and new baby is going to be a challenge, but as always, I welcome a good challenge.

Exiled has gotten 2 awesome 5-star reviews already, and we’re hoping for some more great reviews over the coming weeks. I’ll post links as they go up. For now, check out this one from Ashton the Book Blogger, and this from Patricia at Journey Through the Pages.

Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!!!!!

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