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It’s been a crazy past week!

Exiled was released. Get it here and here.

I received my ISBN’s for the advanced catalog at Smashwords, and for the paperback.

I finished formatting Exiled for the paperback, and now all I’m waiting on is my cover artist to put the finishing touches on the back and spine covers.

I received my first 3 reviews of Exiled, and all of them were 5-Stars. If that doesn’t blow your mind, that’s okay, mine is blown enough for all of us. Want to read them? They’re all posted on my Exiled Reviews page.

On top of those great reviews, I’ve got a few more coming that sound like they too, will be awesomesauce. I’ve received some incredible feedback from readers and its completely surreal. For anyone out there that is on their way to publishing, to have people you don’t know tell you how great your book is, is AMAZING!

Whats next for me?


Book 2 in the Protector series. I’ve had the first draft written for over a month now, and it’s time to start editing. I’m very exciting about this, and if you’ve read Exiled, you should be excited too. Shift is as action-packed as Exiled, with the introduction of a few new characters, and of course, expanding on all the current ones. New monsters, some of the originals, and of course, more Willy.

In personal news, my second daughter is on her way in 7 days. Count ’em, 7! So life is about to take a big turn for me. I try to post once a week as it is, I really don’t have much to say (yet) to justify more than one post, but blog posts may be a bit spottier for the first few weeks while I figure out a schedule.

And now for the Awesomesauce
(See: Links you must checkout):


Andrea Thompson is hosting a giveaway for Exiled on her website. Check it out. Enter it. Win it. Read it. Love it.
Allie Burke’s interview with Author Thomas Amo Check this out. They’re two of my favorites.
Upcoming Author, Sarah Spann, is planning an Road Trip to promote her upcoming book, Wild Flowers Come Back. Help her plan, suggest some stops, share your favorite haunted spots, and help Sarah search for the best french fries in America.
If you like funny, check out Alfred Hitchcock’s NINJA CAT. Best. Video. EVER.
And last but not least. A gift, from me to you. Enjoy!
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