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Today is the release of Exiled! Excited doesn’t begin to explain how I feel right now. Today, for me, isn’t so much about Exiled coming out. Don’t get me wrong, that’s HUGE, and I’m beyond words right now, but there will be plenty of time for that. It’s about being touched by the incredible support of others. Exiled could never have gotten to where it is, without support.

Today you might expect a big post about how I’m feeling, where you can buy it, etc. You can find that information here, on a different page, but first, I want to cover something different.


There’s a page for this in my book, and I’m sure there is one in yours, and every book any of us have read. We can’t include everyone, there isn’t enough space. I wrote mine with a few things in mind. The people that helped me get the book finished, and supported it when I needed it. But now that it’s published, that list has grown substantially, and I want to take a special moment to thank some people.

Allie Burke – Author of The Enchanters Series. You’ve been so wonderful the past few weeks. I’ve attacked you with questions, day in and day out, and you’re always so kind. Sweet, patient, and willing to take the time to share what you can with me. Thank you for that. You’ve been a solid anchor for me in the weeks leading up to Exiled’s release. What am I really trying to say? You’re pretty awesome…for a red head :). Sorry I couldn’t resist.

Heather Hildenbrand – Author of Dirty Blood, Across the Galaxy, and The Specials Series. You’ve been indispensable for me. Advice with formatting, publishing, and marketing, are just a few things you’ve done for me these last few weeks. You’ve shared your knowledge and experience, which has helped me – I hope – avoid some mistakes, promote myself better, and become aware of different aspects in the publishing world, I may not have found otherwise. Your help has opened a goldmine of opportunity, and knowledge for me, and one I day I hope I can repay your kindness. Thank you.

Angeline Kace – Author of the upcoming Paranormal Romance – Descended By Blood. Check it out. Not yet, finish reading this, then go. *eyes you all* This past few days have been exceptional. You’ve been reading Exiled for me all week, and passing on any little tidbits that could serve as last minute improvements. Including the missing “to” in those sentences. I’m still not happy about that. I can fix it, but I’m not sure I will. Upload is in progress, maybe later. I’m getting off topic. Your positive energy is kind of contagious, and you’ve pushed me forward with it, cheering me on and supporting my novel. That kind of support is not replacable, by anything. I need it, and you provide it, I love you for that. Soon I’ll be wearing the cheerleader outfit and doing the “Matty Dance” for your book. Note: I’m not shaving my legs for the uniform. I will however, use pompoms.

Kate Neal – Author of the upcoming Pyxis Series. Sometimes I call you my Twitterwife, or at least my wife calls you that. #Ikindalikeit. You make me smile, you’re my hashtag queen, and you threaten to expose me to the Twitterverse when I freak out over….a missing “to” in one sentence. You handle my ridiculous nature wonderfully, and you keep pace with my sarcasm. You’ve been an incredible crutch for me.  Supporting me, pushing me further, and helping me get through the stressful times of this crazy publishing world. Your tweets and e-mails always make me smile, and I feel honored to have met you. I can’t wait to return all the favors one day! Except that one about the thing…we’re never talking about that again. For all your support, I give you one #avoidatroutslapforaday pass.

Sarah Spann – Your writing inspires me. It’s beautiful. You’re rap battling however, could use some work. #justsayin. There are few people I know that can keep up with my witty banter, but there are days I’m stretching to keep pace with you. Your quick witted, beautiful, and awesome. When I’m not prodding your future cat lady self, or giving you relationship advice you confuse for sabotage, I’m occasionally found – rarely- having a serious conversation with you. You’ve been supportive in a special way to me, and I truly appreciate that.

I’m done now. I see all I have is women on this list, which brings me to further my point that I’m a ladies man. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you.

On a serious note, you ladies have been exceptional to me. I only hope I will one day have a chance to repay your kindness. If need be, I can invent wicked band names on the spot. Also, I  sing a little…maybe I’ll serenade my thanks in song…probably not.

I hope you all know how much you truly mean to me, and how grateful I am to have met each of you. I will not forget what you’ve done for me. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Anyone who is not found on the list, and feels that they should be, should buy Exiled and read the Acknowledgments. If you are still unsatisfied, immediately send a very irritated e-mail to  MRMERRICK (at) Live (dot) ca. The subject of said e-mail should say “I’ve bought Exiled and I have a complaint about the Acknowledgments” I know it’s long, but it’s necessary to get through my spam filter. Also, include a proof of purchase in the body of your e-mail, otherwise, I may disregard the e-mail as a fraud. The letter must be between 150 and 151 characters. Any more or less, and you are disqualified from complaining. Please note: Letters with 150 or 151 characters are also disqualified. It must be BETWEEN THEM. In closing, please include a picture of yourself, troutslapping someone who has upset you (who is not me). Thank you for your time, and I’m sorry if you feel left out. Life is tough. On an high note, I probabaly still love and appreciate you. 🙂


  1. LOL Matt! Thanks for the shout out. I might troutslap somebody just because. It won't be you, no worries. I'm still hanging onto that favor. Congrats on making it to release day!! Enjoy the moment.

  2. For realz, this post is a great example of your awesomeness. If there's one thing I'm learning in my flails through book writing and publishing, it's that it can't be done in isolation. Sure, the writing itself is solitary, but I'd be a sad mess trying to do this without people like you. And maybe it's another sign that we're Twitter soulmates: I drafted my Acknowledgements page months ago! Seriously, the best part of my book. 🙂

    But enough about me – this is your big day, and I couldn't be more excited about the release of Exiled. This is HUGE. You've written an awesome book (ok, I'm only halfway thru it, but it just keeps getting better), and you should be really proud of it!

    Here's to many more great books, tons of success, and lots of awesome hashtags!

  3. Heather: I want a picture!!!

    K.C.: Thank you! I can't wait to read yours! Thank you for the good wishes!

  4. Agent Merrick! You seriously rock my friend!! Thank you for this! Seriously. ♥

    When I first met you on Twitter, you were one of my early followers, and you retweeted something for me, but then I couldn't find the tweet! I asked who it was and you came back and claimed the RT. Imagine if you hadn't, and you got lost in my other tons of tweeps that I never speak with. My life would lack a ton of laughter, a bad ass secret handshake, and a great friendship would never have been formed!

    You have become an indispensable person to me in my journey, and I am forever grateful to you!

    Congrats on your book! I am really enjoying it! You're a great writer, so I'm off to tweet the hell out of Exiled to promote it. ♥

    To publishing Success!

  5. Thank you Angeline, but this post is about YOU ladies, not me :). You all have been amazing and as you said “indispensable” to me. Your support means so much to me. Thank you!

  6. Uh-oh. I'm late again.

    Matt!!! Wow. Thank you. You're amazing. You rock. You know this. I've told you.

    It should be me thanking you today, for all the kind words, sweetness and awesomeness you have offered me during these past few days that were harder on me than most.

    But, here you are. I like to think that patience is not one of my virtues, and kind… I'm pretty sure I called you a dumb blond on Twitter today.

    But, hey. If a friend as amazing as you says it, then it must be so.

    Thank YOU, Matt, for I don't want to think what I'd do had I not met you. I am honestly proud of you, as an Author, a Friend. I know your book is going to be great, and the books that will come after. It's all I can do to tell everyone I know to check out Exiled, because the person who wrote it is as great as its words are destined to be.

    I'm wishing you all the success in the world, and want you to know that should you ever need this redhead's so called “patience” and “kindness”, well, I'm always here for you. I think I told you that. At least, I hope I did. =)

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