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Tomorrow will mark day one of my attempt at formatting Exiled for Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N. I’ve done a fair bit of research on Smashwords and Amazon, and very little on B&N, but I’m finding some very mixed reviews.

Some users find Amazon and Smashwords to be quite easy, but more often then not, I’m reading nightmarish stories. This post is strictly to reach out to everyone and find out your thoughts. Any tips or tricks to any of the sites, or were there tools you used that made the process a little easier?

Share your thoughts with me and everyone else who will approaching this part in their journey soon!


  1. I followed the Smashwords' guide to a tee. It wasn't that difficult, but I've used Word styles for 15 years so I was already familiar with them. Get it prepped for SW, upload it, and then run the various formats through their paces. Check your .epub version on-line. Examine your .mobi version on a Kindle app. If you find formatting errors correct them in your MS as you go.

    I had one doc for SW, one for Kindle, and one for Nook. That way I wouldn't upload the one with a Smashwords copyright statement to Kindle.

    Smashwords is fast now, so when you upload your corrected doc you'll be able to check it quickly to see if it's ready for Kindle.

    Once the SW version is done, I made the Kindle verion, then the Nook version. They were easy.

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks Everett. Hopefully all goes well! I'm pretty computer literate, but all the font embedding and word styles are foreign to me right now. Will be a good learning experience either way!

  3. Once the Smashwords copy is good, I made a copy of the .doc file and saved it for Amazon. Then I changed the copyright to say “Amazon” instead of “Smashwords” and changed the links at the end of the book to link to my Amazon author page. When that was done, I made another copy of the .doc for Nook. I can't offhand recall what format Nook requires for uploading, but it was the easiest of the three because the work had already been done.

    Now I have three copies on my hard drive, one for each venue. Only thing is, if you find more typos you have to make the corrections in three separate files. It's not difficult if you make the same changes in each file each time, but it's kind of a hassle.

    If there's an easier way to do it, I'm not aware of it. Except, of course, to let Smashwords handle everything for you. They'll take a small slice of your royalties and they're slower to forward your corrected copies to Nook and Kindle. For those reasons, I'd rather handle it myself. When I'm rich, I'll pay someone to do all this for me. lol

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