Anger Managment

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For someone who spends 5 – 6 nights a week writing, you’d think a break would be great. I think -for me- that only works if it’s a short break.

I decided to take a month off after finishing the first draft of Shift (Book 2). I really wanted to let the story settle on the page and give myself time to step back from it. I wanted to make sure I’d added all the elements I wanted. I knew when I finished the story that I wanted to thicken up some parts throughout, but the first draft wasn’t the time to do that. My goal was to get it written before the idea’s escaped me. Now that I’m gearing up to get into editing mode, I’ve noticed something about myself.

Writing is an escape for me. Mentally, and emotionally. I use it to vent in one way or the other, and although I’ve been working on formatting Exiled, and cleaning it up, it’s just not the same as writing is.

I love to get lost in a good story, and as such, I love getting lost in the story I’ve created. I get to experience first hand how things unfold before anyone else. That’s a great feeling. But the past two weeks somethings been missing.

I find myself getting frustrated a little easier than usual. My fuse is shorter, and my creativity is dwindling. The more you create, the more idea’s for creations you have. And since writing is an outlet for me, having taken it away from myself, I now see the consequences of those actions.

A break is nice, everyone needs one, but for me, I think two weeks would’ve been enough. Maybe not long enough for the story to settle the way I wanted, but enough that I could started outlining book 3, or at least start outlining the first book for a new story I have in mind.

I’m not sure if it’s this way for all writers, or artists, but for me, I need my craft. Apparently I go crazy without it.

What about you? Do you notice if you step away from your art for too long you start to get antsy? What do you miss about your craft when you take a break?

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