Why Both Indie And Traditional Publishing Are Wrong

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Okay, the title isn’t exactly true to what I want to say, but I do have a problem with the people in both catagories. Read on to know why.

While writing Exiled I had every intention of getting an agent, and publishing the traditional route. I followed agent blogs, editor blogs, read books on publishing and soaked up everything I could until I had a really great understanding of the industry. Or at least, as good an understanding as one can get without being directly involved. Then something happened.

I realized it’s really not that easy. There are a lot of people out there that make publishing a pipe dream. And maybe it is, but it’s a dream none-the-less, and as much as I want realistic information so I can create a product that will succeed, I don’t want someone raining on my parade. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a necessary evil, but I don’t have to like it.

Still, I took their realistic views, and kept by dream. I didn’t know about indie publishing, so I started to query after revising my book the best I could. I only sent 12 – 15 before I gave up. I know that sounds pitiful, but I let the rejections get the best of me and revised some more. And to my surprise, the book took a drastic turn and was even better. I was ready to query again, when I discovered indie publishing. And as such, I did equally as much research and learned as much as I could. I decided to take fate into my own hands.

I hired an editor and a cover artist, and up until this week, I was working on it. Now it’s here and ready to be prepped. Let the formatting begin.

Long introduction to my story I know, but now to the point.

We’ve had some incredible successful indie authors explode the past year. Some with an already built audience that went indie, and some previously unknown, the most popular I think being Amanda Hocking. So why do I have a problem? There is a small group of people on either side of the fence, that are pissing me off.

The small group on the traditional side spends their time blogging and bashing indie. Saying it’s too risky and were going to fill the market up with crap. Readers aren’t smart enough to decide what they want. Publishers know all, and there is no room for anything new.

The group on the indie side, is cursing the traditional side. Calling their bluff, and showing them we’re here to stay. But also, they’re trying to tear them down, and preaching the end of the world…Apparently to them, the real rapture is coming to rip apart the “old way.”  Gatekeepers are a waste of time to them, and nobody in the industry is worth a lick.

Guess what? You’re all wrong.

We can both co-exist. I truly believe that.

Sure, the “old way” will change it’s strategy, but they won’t crumble. Publishers aren’t going to disappear, nor are agents.

At the same time, readers ARE smart enough to pick what they want, and find a book worthwhile. Indies aren’t filling the market with crap, although crap lives here, it lives in the “old way” too. It might even smell worse there because of the old buildings they exist in…kidding.

Either way, neither side is going to crush the other out of existence, and if it ever does happen, it won’t be for a very, very, long time.

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and your free to express it. That being said, I am free to tell you that I’m sick of the your bullshit. If you all zipped your lips and put your energy into writing, I’d be willing to bet, there would be a lot more great books out there, from both sides.

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