I Wish

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Since I finished writing the first draft of Shift, I’ve had some time to read. It’s been fantastic! I don’t read when I’m writing so this has been a nice break.

What makes the break nicer is when I pick up a book like “I Wish” form Wren Emerson. I started it yesterday morning and I was done by the afternoon. I literally did not stop. I couldn’t.

I don’t generally do reviews here, but as I did with An Apple for Zoe by Thomas Amo, I think you need to know just how great I Wish is.

When I read a good book, I want to share it with everyone. When my book comes out, if people like it, I hope they’ll talk about it. Tell everyone they know, spread the word and help others find my story. As such, when I read a book I really love, I want everyone to be able to know just how good it is. 

Wren has created  a fantastic world, with great characters. They’re believable, lovable, and I could relate to each one in my own way. The story’s fast pace dragged me deeper into the mystery of who Thistle really is and what she’s capable of. She has this naive way about her, and it isn’t just because she’s new to Desire, she’s naive about life in general. It’s great to watch her character come into her own and learn a bit about herself and life, both in the real world, and the town of Desire. I can’t wait to see how her power and character develop in the future. The ending left me a little sad, but only because the story was over.

The world Wren creates is fantastic, and it goes a lot deeper than we know. She’s put some incredible detail in to planning the world  and how things work within it. I love the way it’s written and how she explains everything. She has a very natural voice and gift for telling a story. I can only imagine what’s and to come in the future books and hopefully I won’t have to imagine for too long, I’d really like to read more now!

I don’t want to give out any spoilers so check it out here at Amazon for only $0.99. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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