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are coming soon!

Ha! Didn’t see that coming did you? Wait did you…

Anyways, down to blogging. Just a quick post today and some links you must click.

My editor is doing a final proof read of Exiled before I get a completed copy, and when that’s done I’ll have sample chapters for you. I promise. Some of you may have already read the unedited versions of theses chapters late last year, but they’ll of course be improved. Not new AND improved, because we’ve been through my thoughts on that before, just improved. But still awesome! Don’t forget the awesome.

As I’m going through my publishing options as discussed yesterday, I’ve come to a decision. There are too many decisions. There’s three main options as I can see it: Create Space, Lightning Source, and Lulu. Now I’ve heard both wonderful, and not so wonderful things about all three, and made my own rough decisions from what I’ve learned, and what decision did I make? I didn’t.

With the already mountain of work I have to do (See: Edit book two, format Exiled for e-publishing, outline book 3, read many books I’ve been looking forward to and putting off. Starting with an Apple for Zoe, from Thomas Amo) I’ve decided I’m putting this decision on hold entirely. I will revisit it of course, but I want to get Exiled online before I worry about it. There is a ton of things to take into consideration before I do this and my book isn’t going anywhere. There is plenty of time.

I will keep you informed as learn more about the three services, but for now, we’re putting that idea on the back burner. I’m only one man you know, and some days I’m half off that.

Finally, I want to leave you with some fantastic links:

Megg Jenson and her thoughts on “How She Knows She’s An Awesome Writer.”   If you’re a writer, please read this and know you’re not alone. If you don’t ever feel self-doubt, you must be a robot and we need to have a serious chat.

Angelina Kace posted the first chapter of her upcoming novel “Descended By Blood” Read it, read it now!

And last but not least, one of my favorite blogs to follow: J.A. Konrath and “The Reason You Won’t Succeed As A Self-Published Author.” I ‘ll show you Konrath, if it’s the last thing I do. *Shakes fist vigorously before disappearing into the shadows*

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