Exiled is Here…Almost

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This weekend was an exciting time for me. Aside from getting 4 days of from work, I also received the final proof from my editor. Now in going through it, I noticed a lot of errors at first. Most of these are from me accepting the changes after using the Track Changes function, but still, some tweaking to be done.

The most exciting part of this process is getting to read the book. Short of a few minor corrections, and some massive deleting of dialogue tags, I’m not making any changes. I’m reading it just for the heck of it. For me, this is awesome. I’ve never actually sat down and read my book cover to cover without making major changes. Sure, I’m deleting a few things, and adding a single line here or there, but nothing at all that affects the story as a whole, I’m simply making aesthetic changes now.

I’ve got three other people lined up to read the book with me and then I will start formatting it for upload to Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. The formatting will take some time, but things are looking great for a late June/early July release!

I’m sticking to my plan as far as paperback is concerned. Although I’m learning more about all my options, I’m not moving forward with anything until I get the e-book up and readable. Once I do determine what POD company I’m using and I get the process completed. I’ll start round one of edits on Shift. That too, is getting me amped up to get back to writing.

And that’s it! There’s my update on where I’m at with the series. Still undecided on a series name though. I have some strong contenders but nothing concrete. Considering I have less than a month, I should probably get on that….

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