“You’re Hired!”

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As of yesterday I officially hired an editor for my manuscript. Although there were several I was considering, and I’d managed to narrow that group down to two, it was a tough decision, but in the end it came down to two different things.

The first was cost, but I wasn’t shopping this MS only for price. I wanted the editor I felt would fit best with my novel. Now when it came down to the two editors I had left, I felt like they would both be a great fit, but price and a true and hearty passion for fantasy novels came into play and in the end I made my choice, and I’m thrilled about it.

Now that I’ve decided on an editor I have a few things that need to be done. I need to meet with all my second round Beta Readers and get there feedback. After my editor has finished reading the entire MS I want to make sure I can have a chat with them and see what their thoughts are on the book as a whole, but I want to have my readers thoughts on hand so I can discuss them. After all, once this book is on Amazon it’s all about the readers!

I’m researching cover artists now and trying to find one that can really bring my idea to life. I’ve only contacted a few thus far to ask about prices, methods, ideas, etc. So if you have any contacts or artists you think are a good fit to design a fantasy cover let me know. If they have experience with e-books and cover design then all the better.

I had planned to start Shift yesterday, but I’ve been more tied up than expected with Exiled. Looking into hiring an editor and searching for a cover artists were just the beginning. I’m trying to get more social media attentive with the blogs I follow, Twitter, and Facebook as well. I want to get my name out there as much as possible before my book launches later this year.

I hadn’t realized just how much work social networking can be when you do it with purpose! All the different methods, trying to get in touch with readers, other writers and the book-world in general through a dozen different outlets is, okay, maybe work is the wrong word, but time-consuming fits just right.

Shift will get started sometime in the next two weeks, once I get a routine for working with everyone else on the project, dealing with beta readers, the networking end of things, and the full-time job I have, I’ll find time to make it happen. If all else fails I may have to start waking up earlier. 6:30am comes early enough as it is, but the show doesn’t go on unless I keep writing!

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