Twitterfied & My Weekend Writing Success

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Well I finally finished writing the first three chapters of Shift. It was a battle.

I had the outline, I knew what would happen in each scene but for some reason when I got to the white page in Word, I just couldn’t put it down. When I finally forced it, I wasn’t happy with it. I spent the week adjusting the first two chapters until I was happy with them and Saturday I pumped out the third chapter with ease. I finally got into a flow, but when I sat down to continue last night, I couldn’t do it. Too tired!

So, instead I invested some time in this social networking business. I joined Twitter in February and did very little with it, but I started really using it this last week and I quite enjoy it. I’ve linked up with other self-published authors and writers and it’s been really great. I never realized how easy it is to use and how great the people on it are. I haven’t spent much time socializing with the other writers yet but from the time I’ve spent with then has been awesome and entertaining. There are some great people out there and Twitter is definitely a great and simple way to get in touch with them.

So what are waiting for? Sign up, learn it, and of course: Follow me!

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