Searching For An Editor

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So earlier this week I began my search for an editor. I sent out e-mails to the editors I could find that I thought would be a good fit for my manuscript. This is both an exciting and nerve-racking time.

Exciting because my book is moving one step closer to publication, I’m hoping to have it out by late spring/early summer. Nervous because…my book is moving one step closer to publication. I didn’t expect myself to feel this anxious about putting it out there but after handing it out to round two of the beta readers I realized just how nervous I was.

In my search for an editor I’m looking for a few things. First I want an editor to work with long-term. I’d prefer to have all the books in the series edited by the same person. That way I can work with someone who knows where the series has been and understands where it’s going. But also, someone who is familiar with my style.

Second I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of edit I wanted. Originally I was sure I’d only get a copy-edit done, but after speaking with some of the editors and doing some more research into e-publishing I’ve realized something. Self or e-publishing – although a growing trend – still has some downsides. One of which being the lack of professionalism put into some self published novels. So my main goal is to have my novel edited in a professional way so that it might rival the finished product of a traditionally published novel. So I’m looking at more of a substantive edit. One that will look at the big picture of my novel, as well as characters, dialogue, etc.

The only other step I need to complete before I upload an edited copy onto Amazon, Nook, and Smashwords, is the cover. I’ll be working on having the cover created over the next month or so and hopefully by spring I’ll be ready to deliver the goods. I’m not sure it gets much more real than this, other than actually submitting it for publication.

I’ve got the outline for SHIFT, the second novel in the series nearly done, with the exception of a few pieces in the middle that aren’t there yet. I’ve decided to put the outline aside and start working on it right away. After all, I never used an outline with EXILED and the outline I have for SHIFT is quite detailed so it will make the process of writing the first draft easier. Rather than dwell on a few points in the middle I’m jumping in.

Everything seems to be coming together all at once and faster than I’d anticipated so I’m riding the emotions like a roller coaster and just going with it!

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