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Just a quick post today. I heard back from one of the beta readers who was thrilled with Exiled. As an avid fantasy readers she really loved the story, the characters, and my descriptions. Now as far as ego strokes go, this made me feel fantastic of course.

As a currently unpublished author getting ready to throw my manuscript to the world, the confidence levels are very up and down. One minute you’re loving it, the next your nervous people will hate it. As writers we want people to enjoy our stories, so putting our book out there is a big risk. What if everyone hates it?

I expect bad reviews, I can’t possibly please everyone, but nobody wants  people to dislike their book. So I hope in the long run the good outweighs the bad.

So I want to give a big shout out to my readers and thank them for taking the time to read Exiled and give me their feedback. As well I want to thank all my supporters. Not everyone standing behind me has been given the opportunity to read Exiled yet, but I’m so grateful for your support, so thank you!

I look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback, whether good or bad. But of course I hope it’s mostly good!

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