Creative Uncloggage

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Well this weekend was fantastic. I revised the second chapter and it went from me kinda liking it, to loving it. Thanks to my awesome wife, she helped me see what the problem was. It was me starting the third chapter before the second was done. The second chapter and third chapter melded together to make a way better second chapter.

You might think deleting the chapter 3 title is simple and wouldn’t affect much, but if you think that you’d be wrong. After rearranging it to work with the previous scene, it made all the difference. Sometimes the content of a chapter might be fine, but the where it’s taking place is the problem. It turns out that was my problem and now I’m beyond satisfied with the result. So far, the creative blockage has been lifted and I was able to get into a great flow this morning.

A lot of writers believe that if you talk about a story idea, you’ll lose it. I don’t disagree with this entirely, but I don’t agree either. I have one person (my wife) that I talk with constantly throughout the process of writing my book. I don’t spill ideas and thoughts to everyone I meet. If I did, I believe the story might get lost somewhere in all my jibber jabber. But my wife is my sound board and although it might not work for everyone, it’s the thing that works for me. Exiled is 100% better than it ever could have been without her. Although she’s not writing the story or creating the characters, conflict or plot, she’s an invaluable asset to my writing. I bounce my idea’s off her and when I’m having trouble with a particular character or scene I get her to read it and we talk about it together. By the end of any given conversation I feel better about what I’ve written and I’m usually armed to take it apart and restructure it until I’m satisfied.

I’m sure this solution won’t work for everyone, but if you’re writing and having a problem pushing through something, talk to someone. Get a fellow writer, a writing group, or just a friend to help you work through it. Not everyone is willing of course, but surely we all have one person in our life we can turn to. I know my writing is constantly improving because of it and I can’t begin to guess what state my story would be in without it.

Anyways, enough with my ramblings. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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