Creative Blockage

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Well, this was unexpected. I wrote an outline for Shift, thinking it would be easier. It would speed up the process of writing the sequel to Exiled but so far, not happening.

The first chapter was a breeze. It came quick, fast and hard. It’s intense and more thrilling than I’d pictured. The second chapter was a struggle. I wrote it. Hated it. Reworked it, and kinda liked it. I don’t love it yet but it’s getting there. But chapter three just isn’t working for me. I’ve read that some authors write all the major scenes first and then later link them all together. How they do this is beyond me. I need to start at chapter 1, and progress on through just as you’d read it. This chapter 2 and chapter 3 so far, have really gotten the best of me.

One of my biggest fears with Exiled coming to an end as far as my writing it was that I’d have to start the sequel. I did a post a few days ago, saying that you have to face your fears and just write. Get the idea on the page and fix it later. Well, I’ve done that. I have my outline, the idea’s are on the page, but putting it all together is more difficult than I hoped.

For now I’m leaving it. The whole project. I’m coming back tomorrow and hopefully going to push out two or three chapters to make up for the one I missed today. One of the many things I learned while writing Exiled was you can’t force the story. Creativity isn’t something you have the luxury of turning on and off. You go with the flow when it’s there and you don’t push back when it’s not. There were weeks when I couldn’t write a decent sentence to save my life. But there were also days I couldn’t stop. I’d write for 10 – 12 straight in a single day and love everything I’d created. I’d write until my eyes burned and teared and it hurt to have them open or closed, just because I’d been staring at a computer screen for so long.

Now as always I’m a little worried. What if the idea disappears and my creativity is gone? I know that sounds ridiculous, believe me I do, but such is me. Sometimes a drama king. But it happened in Exiled. I had a creative wall come up and block the story and I was truly worried it was gone. I wouldn’t finish the novel because I had lost whatever creative flow I had going for me but it always came back. Usually with vengeance.

 It was bound to happen with Shift, I only hoped it wouldn’t happen at the beginning, but hey, at least I can get it out-of-the-way now right? Hopefully once I get past this it doesn’t come back for round two later.

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