Call of the Editor

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I had my first call with my editor earlier this week for Exiled and it’s really setting in how real this is getting. As the week goes on I’m going to continue working on the first draft of Shift, but by the end of the week I should have a handful of edited chapters from Exiled to read.

This whole experience has been really great and nerve-racking. I’m not sure what to expect throughout the editing process, because I’ve never dealt with it before, but based on the sample chapters I received, it’s going to be great. It’s amazing how someone who has a background in language can take something you’ve written, and something you think flows well, and take it to a whole different level.

The sample chapters I received had small changes throughout, whether grammar, spelling, word choice, or a simple rearrangement of the words I’d used to form a sentence, but it made a world of difference. I was highly impressed with the first two chapters and loved the way they read.

I’m looking forward to seeing Exiled in a fully edited form and reading how much better the story is with the help of a professional editor.

I know at first I was nervous an editor would change everything and by the time it’s completed I wouldn’t recognize the writing or the story. One thing I knew for sure was I wanted to keep my style and voice  in the story. I didn’t want that taken away otherwise it wouldn’t feel like mine anymore. If the sample chapters are anything to say about what’s to come, then that fear is something I no longer need to carry.

Tell me about your experiences writing with editors or writing groups. Do you feel they improved or changed your book in a positive or negative way? What fears did you have going in and were they justified? Share with us!

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