Why I Wrote The Greatest Book Ever

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Okay, maybe it’s not the greatest, but I’m damn proud of it.

This whole thing started on a whim. I never planned on writing a book and I certainly never thought if I ever did, I’d stick with it long enough to finish it. But here I am, a completed book in hand and all I need is a professional edit before publication. But that’s not how all this started.

I’ve always written. Whether it was a simple journal entry, a poem, or just writing for a means of venting emotions otherwise bottled up inside. My burst of writings were sporadic at best, until a story randomly started on the page before me.

After a rough week I decided to write something and rid myself of a little stress. I didn’t want to write a journal entry however, I didn’t want to write about how I was feeling and express myself that way. No, I wanted an escape, I wanted to lose myself in another world. Usually I would turn to a movie or a book to satisfy this craving, but I didn’t. I don’t know why but writing seemed the only answer for me. And so I wrote.

I wrote for 6 straight hours. I didn’t know what I was writing or where it was going. I had no objective,  only to write about a different world. When it was finally the wee hours of the morning I looked at my screen and I had pages upon pages of sentences strung together that formed – believe it or not – the beginnings of a book.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it and the next day I did it all again, doubling my page output. Out of thin air, characters, plot points, and currently undescribed worlds filled my head. I had a story in my mind and I was determined to finish it.

After 5 months I’d finished the first draft of my story. I’d spent hours talking about it with my wife, bouncing my ideas off of her and creating a deeper world than I’d originally imagined. I had characters I loved, and characters I loved to hate. And best of all, I had a story that made sense and went where I wanted it to go.

I researched querying, agents, publishing, and scoured the internet for any information I could get my eyes on. Then the editing process began.

I’m currently finishing my fifth draft of the novel, which is more-or-less just formatting my novel to an easier-to-read format, adjusting sentences and paragraphs to improve the novel’s flow, and cutting the fat. The process took longer than I anticipated, but it was a huge learning curve for me. After all, I’d never edited anything in my life and I had my work cut out for me. Looking at where I am now, I’d say with what I know I could do it in two to three edits but for this first book, it was a long and painful process.

I’ve recently decided to e-publish my novel for reasons I will share in another post, and I’m working on the outline for book two in the series. Now I’m looking at the big picture.

I’ll hopefully have the novel uploaded and available in the next 6 months. Will it sell a million copies and fulfil my dream of writing full-time? Probably not. Although I’ve created a fantasy world and lost myself in it, I can still be realistic with my expectations. I dream of having that come true but when push comes to shove, I just want to get my story in front of as many people as possible, and I want them to enjoy it. After all, what good is a story if you dont’ tell it to anyone?

I want readers to love the characters and picture the world I’ve created in each of their unique perspectives and want to read more. Whether or not I’ll accomplish this has yet to be seen, but I hope I’ve done my job as a writer and created something that not only I want to read but others will as well.

So although it may not be the greatest book ever, I love it, and now you know why I wrote it. Because I had to. Once my muse got ahold of the idea, it left me no choice but to complete the vision, and I’m thankful for that. Now, not only do I have a completed book, I have a passion for something unlike anything else in my life, something to look forward to working on, something to be proud of finishing, and something to give to others.

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