Publishing on Amazon…Oy Vey

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So as my beta readers are out and hopefully loving Exile, I’m left to start working on the next step in my publishing journey. Finding an editor, and seeing how to e-publish my work. I though with Amazon it would be quite simple, however, when you add in that I’m Canadian things get much more difficult.

It’s not so much the publishing your work with Amazon that’s difficult –  that part seems incredibly user-friendly and easy actually – it’s the payment ways. In order to make this work as a Canadian, I have to fill out my information and Amazon will automatically withhold 30% of my royalty earners. So after much reading on their Forums I read about forms that needed to be filled and what not, and it seemed like many were having difficult retrieving the information they needed from Amazon, the IRS etc. Theres tax ID numbers and all sorts of things mixed up in there.

I’ve e-mailed Amazon who were quick to respond and had an answer to me in 12 hours, however, considering I e-mailed them after hours originally that is impressive. They explained everything and it seemed quite simple, get a form fill it out, get a number back a few weeks/months later. Take that number and fill out this form, send it to IRS and done. But upon more research I still find people are having trouble getting where they need to go.

My next step is to talk to an accountant who is familiar with foreign earnings, after all, I don’t believe it’s actually as difficult as it would seem, then I can go from there.

What are your thoughts? Are you a foreign writer with experience in this? Perhaps you know the down and dirty on how to get this done quickly and painlessly? After all, I know I don’t want to owe the IRS or Canada Revenue money! Surely someone out there has had some success with this or knows the answers to it. If not, I will get back to everyone shortly with the answer once I’ve figured it out with said accountant.


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