Amazon Questions Answered

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So after some research, then some more, and a little extra today I found the answer to the question. What questions you ask? This one.

And the answer is really simple. It seems complicated because nobody can seem to get the information they need from Amazon, but it seems Smashwords has been more than willing to help. Where did I find these answers you ask? Well I found therm at Cheryl Kaye’s blog, aka the Shameless Promoter. Check out the page if you’re a writer that lives outside the United States and you’re wondering how to get the 30% tax withholding removed from your account. And when you’re done, check out her other posts too. You’ll learn a lot more about marketing, royalties, and e-books, than just how to get your withheld tax money back. She also has a site for the books she published here. Check it out and be thankful someone like Cheryl has gone out of her way to make this a simpler process for the rest of us!

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