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Wow, what a scorcher out there today. +27*C and it is cooking, let me tell you. As per my previous post, this heat is making it tough to get anything done, writing and otherwise so I’ve not-so-secretly been spending my evenings enjoying the TV and the fabulous entertainment the PS3 has to offer me. That however, is not helping me get my next book started. This has not turned out to be a bad thing though.

One of my biggest downfalls as a person is that I’m impatient. So for a person trying to break into the publishing world, this is one of the worst traits to have. But as impatient as I am, that’s not going to make the agents replies come any quicker. My procrastinating (another wonderful trait) has helped me in not writing my second book and this too is a good thing. It’s not very often I get to admit that my bad habits turned out to be a good thing so give me one moment to do a happy dance. Que the Music!


Insert crazy dance move

Dancing some more

Slide and twist

And I’m back.

Okay. Why are these good things you ask, well because now I’ve given time for my final draft of book one, and the outline and first chapter of book two to settle, something that I don’t do well enough. I give my revisions time to settle on the page but my impatience prevents me from letting it sit for long enough. In the end it really just adds another revision or two onto the end total because the MS and myself were not ready to revise again. Now that I’ve been slackin off for a while I realized I’ve actually been doing a great thing. My words really got time to settle and I think they’re ready to be looked at.

As for my first book I won’t be making any changes to it. I’m trying to submit it now, so making changes now is futile. What I will do is wait until I’ve gone through some queries and if I haven’t gotten any bits, then I’ll revise my query, but I’m not touching my MS until I know that some agents have read it and declined it. Whether it be the full or partial version I don’t want to revise until I know it needs to be, otherwise I may fall into the evil trap of over-editing.

What I am going to do is read my outline and first chapter again, and see if what I’ve written is indeed what I want. Had I – after chapter one was complete – continued with chapter 2 immediately after I would have kept writing and not looked back until draft one was done. Now, I can take a good hard look at my outline and first chapter and decide objectively if this is the path I want to take.

I’ve put a lot of thought into my next book and the series as a whole, but that doesn’t mean that the direction I chose is right. Not that there is a right or wrong, but you get the idea. After my procrastinating-induced time off from my books, I still think I’m on the right track. This weekend I’m going to review everything I’ve written for the second book and I’ll know for sure, but I’m fairly certain I’m still satisfied with the material I’ve come up with and the way the story’s started.

With that said, I’m still taking tonight and tomorrow off from writing. I’m slowly pushing the nervousness aside and as the weekend nears – whether I’m ready or not – I’m going to dive back into my book. At least now I’m planning a few days off from writing rather than saying I’m going to write and not following through on that action. That means it’s not procrastinating, it’s more like a vacation right? Right!

No post tomorrow so enjoy your weekend and tune in next week to see how my battle with starting the next book vs. procrastinating and just sitting around went.

See you next time. Same Matt time, same Matt Channel.

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