Rain? You don’t say!

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The weekend is over friends and it’s still raining here. Ugh! I’ll admit that Saturday was beautiful, but not beautiful enough to hold my sanity through these endless weeks of rain.

I did have a fantastic weekend and I hope you did too. I got some much-needed relaxation but unfortunately no writing done. I’m not procrastinating this time though. This time it’s all about developing the idea’s. I’m starting to round out some of the idea’s that have roamed in my mind and I did do some writing on the characters and back story, but the main plot/conflict is still in the works. Hopefully by August 1st I’ll begin chapter 1, that is the deadline I’ve set for myself. I have to start the first draft by then, so that means I have 12 days to finish my character pages, story line plot and sub plots. That may not seem like a lot but it is, so it’s time to get my head in creating mode!

What helps you get your creative mojo working?

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