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Dear Writer and Non-Writer Friend,

Another week has gone by and I’ve decided what direction I’m going as far as writing my next book. I received a brand spanking new rejection yesterday and there are still a handful (give or take a few) of queries out there awaiting a response and although I’ve brought my expectations down to a reasonable level, my hopes are still high.

The weekend is upon us and here we are having an absurd amount of rain. Actually, between Monday and Tuesday of this week we had more rain than we average for the entire month of July. That is insane. It also explains why my back yard went from being solid ground to a swampish like substance to something mushy that fits nicely between a solid and liquid state. Yum.

Aside from the muddy yard which forces me to wipe my dogs feet off every time they go outside, I love the rain. I hate having to leave my house when its raining though. Rainy days to me, are a put on sweats, watch movies, read, and/or write days, but alas I had to work all week and was unable to enjoy such days.

Now since this is Alberta the weather forecast means nothing. It’s hardly accurate and the weather changes from one state to the next in five-minute intervals so to know what’s in store for us this weekend is near impossible to say but, regardless of the weather I do intend on getting some writing done this weekend. I won’t be starting the new novel but I will be brainstorming and hopefully doing some plot and character developments. I’ve got some great idea’s brewing but they’re not quite there yet.

As far as story ideas are concerned, do you ever find yourself teetering on the brink of something that could be great? Since I’ve decided to write a new book I’ve created these characters in my mind. Who they are, what they’re like, where they come from, and how they handle each other. But the story itself is only stirring in my mind. I see these characters lives, before and after they’ve met me, the writer. I see who they’re going to become in the future and I know they’ll have obstacles time and time again to overcome if they ever wish to see that future, but what those conflicts are and what they’re trying to achieve by overcoming them is still unclear to me. I can see it on the edge of my imagination but I can’t quite grab it. Not yet anyways. It’s like when your trying to explain something to a person, and you know exactly what you want to say and a million other wrods that would work to explain it, but  that one word you want will really get your idea across, but you just can’t seem to say it. You know the word, you know what it means, and you can see it in your mind forming, but still, it eludes you. That’s how I feel now about this story, but that’s not a bad thing. It tells me the idea isn’t ready to come out yet. It needs more time to marinate in creativity, it needs a chance to get to know these characters, find out who they are and how it plans on turning their lives upside down.

Perhaps my character’s people can contact my future great idea’s people and set up a meet and greet so we can move things along? Or not, it’s probably best not to force it and just let it all come together on its own.

So what do you use to develop your ideas? We all have different methods for coming up with new idea’s from – sometimes – the strangest of things, people, or events. What do you use to get an idea for a new story and what helps you cultivate it and merge it in with the perfect characters? Most importantly, once you have it, is there any one thing that tells you that you’re ready to start writing?

I know for me personally I never know, it just happens, but tell me what works for you.

I hope you all have a great weekend. See you next week! Same Matt time, Same Matt channel.

*DISCLAIMER* Please note that time and channel vary from day to day.

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