Idea’s Idea’s, what to do.

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I apologize for not having a post yesterday, I had something to say I just couldn’t figure out how to explain it. I’ve given it some thought and I’m going to give it a try.

Although I haven’t been writing lately, I have done some thinking. Both on my next book and the one I’m currently submitting queries for (Just a note I still haven’t gotten any responses on the second wave of queries). I’m at a loss for words on this topic, because since this is my first attempt at a novel, I’m really not sure how to handle it. So maybe you can help.

So the first book I ever wrote is EXILED, and it is in the querying stage. My  first wave of queries left me with a handful of rejections and the second wave is  still out, but now I have a problem. I have a new idea for my book. Everything in Exiled will remain as far as the story is concerned, but for some reason unknown to me, I’ve developed a new idea on some things to change. Now, should I make these changes, even though the story is pretty much the same, it will need a new re-write. Now I don’t mean to go page by page and make minor changes to adjust for the new idea, but a rewrite on an epic scale, as in I’ll have to start from scratch. The reason I’ll need to rewrite the entire story, is because although the story idea stays the same as far as characters and conflict, how things happen throughout will be different.

I know I’m going to wait until I’ve heard back from all the agents because if there is an agent that shows interest in my book, they’ll no doubt want to suggest certain changes. If that’s the case this would be a prime opportunity for me to talk to the agent about the future of my book, the series, and what their vision for it is. After all, I want an agent who has a similar idea as mine, or at least can relate to what I’m thinking and perhaps add or help develop the idea. Who knows, maybe they’ll have a whole new outlook for the series that will be even better, but I’m getting off track here. The point is, at that point I would be able to speak to a professional on the subject and get their input on my idea, and whether it grants rewriting the entire thing. But if no agents on the second wave of queries show any interest, then what do I do?

As I said before on some of the posts preceding this one, it is possible to over-edit your book. You can overwrite your book, you can underwrite your book, you can make mistakes any which way. Too much, not enough, you name it. So my problem is if no agents show any interest then I am left to make the decision on my own. Do I rewrite the entire book to accommodate this new idea? Will this new idea even make the book better or have I been working on this book for so long that now I’m questioning it’s worth? Maybe rewriting the book will make it even better. After all, I’ve learned an extrodinary amount about writing and the publishing process since I started this book and I’m a 100% better writer because of it. The more I write and learn about the publishing industry the better writer I become. But if I do rewrite the book and it’s that much better because of it, then I’m still stuck with the question of whether or not the book can sell. If I rewrite and it can’t, even though the writing may be improved, I may have just wasted my time rewriting an unpublishable novel.

So help me decide friends. If I don’t have any agent interest on this round of queries, then I have to rework my query, but do I stop querying and rework the novel first, do I leave it for now, or just simply rework the query until I find an agent that is interested in representing me and deal with the question then. Perhaps I should stop writing the series and move on to another idea for now while this idea percolates in my mind? So many questions from one small idea. What are your thoughts?

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