Holding you back

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So I don’t have much time for a post today and I’m going to be gone for work for a couple of days so there won’t be any other posts this week. I know, I know you’re terribly sad. But a just a quick thought:

We all know it’s hard to get published. In fact, hard may be an understatement. On top of that, those that do find themselves lucky enough to fall into publication find that an even smaller percentage of those published writers are able to write full-time without having a day job or some other income. But I can’t help but dream of a life where waking up and writing is my only job, and I get paid well to do it.

Maybe that’s your dream too, maybe you are not a writer but you have a different dream that allows you to do what you love every days. So what is it?

What’s your dream job like, and what are you doing to get yourself closer to it? If you’re not doing anything, what’s holding you back?

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