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Okay so I know I said there wasn’t going to be any more posts this week, but I lied. Well I half-lied. I didn’t end up going away today as planned, the higher-ups have decided to send me away on Monday instead in light of unforseen events. All this has been fantastic, because yesterday I worked really hard to make sure I was ahead of the game for today and since I found out late yesterday afternoon that I wasn’t leaving today, I’m left with not a lot of work to do today. This rambling may have you wondering what on earth I’m talking about so let me explain it.

Without much work to do today I’ve perused the internet. Reading blogs, reviews, and a strange article I came upon. I’m not going to tell you what article it was or link to it but, I am going to tell you that it sparked the creativity in me and now I know what my next book is about.

Again, I won’t tell you what it’s about. I can’t. One thing I’ve realized since I began writing is that talking about an idea too much can force it to leave you. I don’t want to suck the creative juices away so the only person I’ll be talking about it with is my wife. As with my first novel she was my soundboard throughout the process. She’s probably enjoyed the last few months of me not having a book to talk about it because I’m pretty sure I drove her near insane with new ideas and structure changes for her to review. But as an extremely avid reader she is a great help to me because she can talk with me about my ideas from a reader’s perspective.

So if you can’t tell already I’m a little on the excited side and I can’t wait to start working however, I won’t hit my August first date to start writing it. No, I have plenty of work to do before I start writing this book.

I need to write-up my character bio’s for  the main characters and I’m even doing one for the supporting characters. One thing I learned from writing my first book was I didn’t truly know who these characters were when I started writing it. I found out about halfway through which makes the last half of my novel a hell of a lot better than the first. That’s why Exiled will be getting a rewrite in the near future. Yes, you read that right, I’ll be rewriting the novel from scratch at a later date. But I’m getting off track here, we’re talking about my new idea.

After the character sheets are all complete I need to do an outline. It doesn’t have to tell every little thing that happens but this time around I’m going to know exactly where this story is going. If I finish the outline and start writing  the books and the characters take the story somewhere else, then so-be-it, but I will know where I think the story should go. Anyone who has ever written a story knows that sometimes things don’t go as planned and the characters take the story another way. But I will start with an outline of some sort.

In totally unrelated news: Two magpies just flew into my warehouse, they won’t leave and they keep pooping on my floor. B@$^@*#’s.

Anyways back to what I was saying. Once I have the outline and character sheets done I’ll leave them for a week and when I come back I’ll have a definite vision of where this book is going and what it will be about. If it doesn’t all match up and work together then back to the drawing board but if it does, here I come page 1.

So today being the 22nd of June, my new goal is to have everything ready by August 2nd. That way it has a week to settle. The following week (assuming everything matches up and is ready to go) I’ll start writing.

So there you go. A single article helped bring the idea that’d been circulating in my mind the past few weeks to a head and now, I’m ready to rock and extremely excited.

So tell me, where do you get your idea’s from? A specific place, events, people. What works best for you?

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