Dreams: A Window To A New Story?

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I’ve always been subject to nightmares. Nearly every night I go to sleep a nightmare bursts down the door and breaks into the safety that is my dreams, only to leave me with an intense flood of scenes, emotions, and stories. Most of which have no beginning or end, I’m simply thrust into the pulse of a living, breathing, creature whom I know nothing about. I know the characters around me with no memory of how. I’m afraid of the creature that haunts me, and stalks me from place to place, but I have no recollection of why I fear it. And in most cases, I’m ripped from the nightmarish world before the creature can claim me for their own, or before I can best the beast with my wildly imaginative powers. The backlash of the dreams is that usually whatever has occurred in the dream, whatever my character felt throughout the nightmare is left coasting through my body hours after I awake.

Fear, anger, sadness, each emotion has a life of its own, and for reasons unbeknown to me, they linger on with me for a good part of my day with no rhyme or reason. I’ve always wondered why I could never shake the feelings, but I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I’ve adapted to them. A while back I decided they were something I could use to my advantage. Although there is no beginning or end, that’s what my imagination is for. The middle though, that is prime juicy goodness waiting to be written.

As you may know I’ve pushed and pulled this new story around my mind and have yet to really get a hold of it, so for a nightmare to come traipsing through my mind last night was something I should-be pleased with, but I’m not.

Last night I had a horrific and graphic dream. I can still feel the fear and sweat that covered my body in it. I can see the demons eyes glowing in the shadows and remember what it was like to have my pulse jumping from my throat as it chased me through the light less alleyways. It was exciting, new, fresh, and I wanted to see how the story played out. The problem then? It was about vampires and werewolves.

At this point in Twilightdom, the sparkling vampire and constantly shirtless werewolf have sort of overtaken the world. People claim that vampire’s are on the outs, werewolves are overdone, and agents blog that if they see another query about either their going to scratch their eyeballs out. Okay maybe that last part is a bit dramatic but I’m sure it’s going through their minds. So you can imagine my disappointment when a fresh and luscious story is created within my dreams, waiting to be ripped out of my mind and splattered onto the pages only to find out it’s very possibly been overdone, again and again and again.

Now vampires have been a popular craze for decades and regardless of what the publishing world may feel, I don’t think they’re going away any time soon. Twlight was just the most recent idea to pick up the genre and give it another boost of popularity. Do I think because it’s been written that nobody will ever write anything about vampires that sparks our imaginations to life and makes us drool for more? No. But I can’t help but be careful and skeptical in assuming that person is going to be me. After all, if I’ve decided to write a new novel and not continue with my current series until it gets picked up, why would I want to dive into a vampire crazed world and write a story about them now? It’s not that I don’t think I can do it but, the publishing world is difficult (understatement) to break into as it is. Competing with the vampire world and the publishing industry as the same time is not something I want to take on. Not yet at least. Don’t get me wrong, I have a million idea’s of what I think is fresh and new that deals with vampires (Like get this: Vampires that glow in the dark. (KIDDING!)). I would love to write a novel revolving around those ideas (I was really kidding, I have other good ideas, I’m not going to write about glow in the dark vampires) but now just isn’t the time.

So why is it with a looming personal deadline of August 1st to start  my new book are my dreams revolving around this? Is it a sign to just shut up and write about it anyways, or is it something else? My dreams have always been a great resource for me to pull idea’s from. Novels, short stories, and if I G rate them, even stories about monsters and great adventures in far away lands. I tell my daughter those ones before bed (Which she loves by-the-way. Do you think I can put that in my query? My daughter loves them so you HAVE to publish it. LOL).

I love vampires but I’ve strayed from writing about them for this exact reason. So why must my muse tease me with idea’s I’m not convinced I should use at this time? Or better yet, when do I say screw it and go against all advice, challenge the system, and write a great freaking vampire novel?

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