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My apologies friends, this has been one heck of a busy week if you couldn’t already tell from the lack of posts. Today is not much of a post either I’m afraid. Between being out-of-town for work, catching up on work from being out-of-town, getting ahead on work so that I can take my holidays with a peace of mind, and being sick for a day, I’ve had my hands full.

Just a quick update on my query. I received two more rejections in the last week. Neither of which was personalized, both were forms and of course as forms go, very vague. There are only a few more out there and some of those few will only respond if they’re interested so, as we ask the magic eight ball what he thinks he replies “Outlook does not look good.” I think he may be right.

The good news is we have our new story and in four hours I am officially on holidays for ten days. I’ll try to check in and post occasionally but I think you can pretty much rely on me not being around for that time. I’ve got my idea for my new story and I have a lot of work to do with that but also, I plan to get in as much family fun time as possible, so I may not be meeting my personal writing deadlines as planned but, I am in need of some fantastically well spent family time.

Hope to see you when I return on the 10th-ish. Cheers!

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