Writing delayed

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So, per my last post, I was ready to start my second book. However, after unforseen circumstances (see concussion from angry dumpster lid falling on head…don’t ask) I did not start. Heck, I could hardly look at the computer without my head going fuzzy. And for those of you wondering: No, it did not knock some sense into me. I still plan to become a published author and develop a career from writing.

The good news is the week is almost over and I hope to get the first two chapters done this weekend. If all goes well and I get into a creative flow, there could be multiple chapters written. After said concussion I am still greatly excited for the book to start. Admittedly I am a little sad it was delayed and it took a lot of effort not to start working on it last night but, I wanted to give my head another day to rest before I started pounding the keys.

Let’s hope tonight we have a rush of creativity and the page turning words devour my computer screen!

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