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So last night I didn’t do a thing. I relaxed, hung out with my daughter, played a video game, and enjoyed some T.V. with the wife. I had every intention of working on my manuscript but I avoided it at all costs, all because I was tired of it. I’m tired of looking at it, and seeing it on my screen, always one step away from being complete but then never quite there. It’s like a bad dream: no matter how hard and how fast I work towards getting somewhere I’m not getting any closer. The difference being this isn’t a dream, and I am making progress. I am getting closer to it, only when I think I’m there it’s actually further than I expect.

I will not submit this MS to any more agents until I’m positive it’s the best work I can produce. Had I found some excellent critiquing sites earlier I would not have sent out my first wave of queries. I’m thankful I sent out only a few, in a matter of a week and a half, both my query and manuscript have seen a huge improvement. The story is still the same, but I learned a few tricks to tightening it up. When I start submitting again I’m going to be in a better position, but first, I have to get working on this final draft. It will only take a few more days to finish it up, but I’m delaying.

With that said, I will only be posting tomorrow if I work on my MS tonight. If you don’t see a post here it means I procrastinated once again. This may go on for one more day but by Thursday I guarantee I’ll be making progress on it.

Do you ever put you’re writing off? What makes you put it aside and decide to take a break?

Also, you only have today, tomorrow, and Friday afternoon to read the sample chapters. After Friday night they will no longer be available. If you decide to check them out, let me know what you think!!!

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