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So great news, for those of you in Canada, tomorrow is Canada Day! Happy birthday Canada! My employer has seen fit to also give us the Friday off. After all, who wants a day off to celebrate their country’s birthday and then have to go back to work for one more day before the weekend? Not me.

In personal writing news, I received an incredibly quick rejection yesterday. I e-mailed my query at 12:30 pm, and received a response at 10:30pm. Granted it was a form rejection (surprise!) but that is a quick acting agent. Impressed was I.

Yesterday after my rant on query submissions I recomposed myself and sent out another 8 queries. Now there are still 7 out there so lets hope one of those agents is the ‘yes’ I need. If not, I suppose it’ll be back to the drawing board for queries.

As far as the decision to continue writing the series while I wait and see if I can grab an agent’s attention with my novel, or start a new novel, I haven’t decided yet. I have the second book in the series outlined. Also, the first chapter and part of the second is now complete in its first draft. What worries me about starting a new novel, is this: If I start a new novel and an agent does fall in love with my book and I need to go back to working on book two, that means I would have to put the current novel on hold. Now that isn’t so much the issue as whether I’d be able to pick the second book back up and just continue with it. I’m sure I could manage it without a problem, but it still makes me nervous. The past few months as I polished up my manuscript for EXILED and prepared myself for the querying process, I was also working on getting book 2: SHIFT organized, so my heads been in writing mode for this series. If I do decide to branch off and start something entirely new, well then I need to switch gears.

I have to admit that starting something entirely new is both exciting and nerve-racking. I already have – what I thought was – a great series idea, and I was hoping to see it through until the end first, but publication and starting a career as a published author is important to me. Not as important as being able to write, but it’s important none-the-less. After all, I want to have a career in writing novels and the only way I’m doing that is to get published.

So what do we make of all this? I’m still unsure which direction I’m going to go. I ‘think’ I’m going to continue working on Shift for now. If all else fails I can complete the first draft and then decide to start something new before revising it. I think this is the way I’m leaning, but again, I’m really not sure.

The other issue is, for some reason unknown to me, I have yet to query any Canadian agents. Don’t ask me why because I really don’t have the answer, but being a Canadian it’s a little easier to get published in Canada. Go figure. So, this weekend I’ll submit a few more queries to Canadian literary agents and then see what comes of it. 

So there you have it. My thoughts for the future and my plans for the weekend (besides cleaning house). I’ll be back next week with new ideas, and a new post. Hopefully by then I’ve got some decisions made on what’s the best way for me to move forward.

Query stats

Total queries submitted: 16

Total form rejections: 6

Total personalized rejections:1

Total non-response assume rejections:2

Have a great long weekend!

Tune in next time. Same Matt time. Same Matt Channel.


  1. Hi Matthew,

    I'm almost at the same place as you are in the process. I just sent my query letter to an editing service and when it arrives, I'll send out some queries. I did send one some weeks ago and, like you, got a very swift (and polite) rejection. I had to admire the agent.

    I'm also writing a series and have been wondering the same thing you have. I have ideas for three books and have the outline in my head (next step is to write it down), but I don't know if I should write the second manuscript while waiting for the first to be accepted. And agent once recommended waiting with continuing because the first manuscript would have to go through serious changes first, and then you'd have to adapt the second manuscript.

    On the other hand, if I don't get representation and a publishing deal for the books, I might consider Kindle, and then having written books 2 and 3 would come in handy.

    I think for now it's a good idea to have 1-3 chapters ready if the agent wants to see them, and also to help you along writing the rest when you come to it (it's often hard to start with a blank page).

    I wish you the best of luck, and I'll continue reading your blog.

  2. Thanks Tessa! It is a very subjective and sometimes frustrating business. I suppose because I love writing and I'm loving the series I've begun I could just write it because I love to write and want to see where the story goes, but it is frustrating when you want to see yourself into publication. Definitely write your series outline down, I think (and don't quote me on this) if you can put in your query that you have a great vision of a series for it and a series outline is available that shows the agents you've really put some thought into it. They might even want to see the series outline before the sign you to make sure you can plot out a whole series. That might help them in getting a book deal with a publisher should they choose to take you on as a client, not to mention it will help you find an agent that see your series with the same vision you do. Best of luck with your writing and I'll be checking out your blog later too!

  3. Found it! I remembered that one agent specifically likes to read fiction from male perspective. Although she says “romance”, I'm sure there has to be a little bit of that in your story featuring a girl and a boy. Have you queried this one?


    I think that writing from the male perspective probably gives you a plus, since most YA fantasy is from a female's perspective.

  4. I sent a query to her in May, and she has a quick response time (2 weeks I believe) but I never heard anything back. I did some research and she does respond to all queries so I did resend it yesterday. Hopefully she never got the first one because I'd hate to be that annoying wanna-be author lol. They use a form system too and I can't remember if I got the 'thank you for submitting' screen the first time, but I know I got it when I submitted yesterday. Fingers crossed and thanks for the heads up!!! And I hope your right about the male perspective.

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