Let The Shift Begin

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So here it is: Day 1. Today marks the first day I’ll begin writing the second book in the series. Shift is going to be action packed and drive the series further at a fast pace. I’m very excited to start writing this and after letting the outline sit for the last week I’m  ready to go.

As I’ve said before, the outline is only going to be a guide for me to write this book. I know where the book needs to end up – or at least where I think it does – and I have a good idea how it’s going to get there, now the only thing left to do is write.

Starting a book is exciting. When you actually finish a book that is a surreal feeling I can’t explain. I couldn’t believe it when I finished my first book EXILED. I was absolutely shocked to look at the thick stack of papers I’d printed out  and be able to say “I did it. I wrote a book.” Little did I know there would be 6+ revisions on that first draft but, none-the-less I did it. Now after slaving over my first MS for months I’ve put the final polish on it and get to begin again.

For any of you that haven’t ever written a book I can’t stress enough how great a feeling this is. I spent the last 14 months working on my first book and belive me when I say you get damn sick of looking at it after a while. Starting a new project is great in so many ways.

First I get to start a new project. After 14 months you have to understand I’ve read the same pages so many times I’ve memorized a good part of the book. A new project is something really great.

Second I get to watch my characters grow and the story progress. Sure I know what’s going to happen, I now how it’s going to happen, and I know the events leading up to everything. But I still get to witness first hand how my characters are going to react to each situation. I haven’t thought that part out and that’s what is making this experience so cool. Yes I have an outline, but you’d be surprised by how a character can decide to take things in another direction. That’s a nerve-racking and awesome surprise.

And last but not least, it’s something to keep me busy while I wait for responses on the queries I’ve sent out.

So far, out of nearly a dozen queries I’ve gotten 4 rejections. One wasn’t addressed to me, but to “Dear Author.” Two were form rejections with my name on it, and the last one was actually semi-personalized with a few tips at things I could fix. So all and all not a bad take, I’m getting a little more personal letters and some improvement suggestions now, so things can only go up from here… I hope.

Tomorrow I should let you all know how day one of book two is going. Will there be a single blank page, perhaps a few lines, or will the words start like wild fire and burn through my computer screen page by page. That my friends, we will not know until tomorrow.

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