Happy Rejections!

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So here we have it: Rejection # 5. A little disheartening I must admit, however, every rejection puts me one letter closer to publication, or at least that’s how I’m trying to look at it.

I’ve read too many success stories about authors who were rejected 10, 20, 100, 1000+ times who went on to be successful with the very same project everyone told them would never make it. Now I’m well aware that this doesn’t mean I will be one of those authors, but it’s a silver lining in the cloud of rejection.

I still have 5 other queries out but some of the agents I’ve queried only reject you via non response, so I think it may be time to take another look at my query letter. Whether or not an entirely new re-write is necessary I’m not sure, but it is in need of some tweaking I think. So tonight my dear friends will be query revision time. Now it’s been a few weeks since I’ve even looked at my query and that’s a good thing, hopefully I can come back to it with the freshest eyes yet.

In other news, Chapter 1 of Book 2 is now complete in the form of a first draft. I’ve started on Chapter 2 but ran out of time this weekend. I plan to dedicate the rest of my evenings this week to writing, hopefully by the end of tonight I’ll have a nice little revision of my query letter, and by the end of the week I hope to have chapters 2 and 3 complete as well. Then, somewhere down the road this week I need to prepare the next wave of queries to send out. My goal is to have another 10 ready to go by Thursday so I can click the send button and see what happens. With any luck by the end of the summer I’ll have some positive reviews from some wonderful agents and hopefully be in negotiations with one of them for representation. We shall see my dear friends!

That’s it for today. So remember, if you’re getting down about the amount of rejections you’re seeing, just do a little search on google. When you see what other well known authors have gone through to get their work published, and the end result their stubborn refusal to give up got them, it might just make you feel better and give you the renewed ambition you need.


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