Finishing touches

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As you can see if you’ve viewed my query vs the older queries, there has been vast improvements. It’s incredible how inside your own head you can get, and I think that’s the most frustrating part of the process. That isn’t to say the my newest query is going to get partial and full manuscript requests hand over fist, only time will tell on that. I may have to revise again if i can’t gain the attention of any agents, but for now I’m calling it complete.

I’m getting the word count down a little more every day, I’ll be done by the end of this week. Then all I have left (I hope) is to go through a final time and make sure I’m staying in present/past tense when necessary. It’s been brought to my attention from a very help full critquer that I’m sometimes switching from present tense to past tense in the same scenes, and that really pulls a reader from the story – something I do not want happening. Once that’s done I’ll have hopefully heard back from the remaining agents that still have my query and I’ll begin sending out wave two of the queries. I only sent out five the first time to test the waters, and after the overhaul on my query I’m happy I did. This next wave I’ll be sending out ten queries instead of five, and fingers crossed, I’ll have some requests for more.

What worked for you when you were submitting, or if you haven’t begun submitting, what’s your game plan?

Don’t forget the sample chapters are only up until Friday and then they’re gone so read them while you can!!!

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