Book 2: SHIFT

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So book two has a tentative title: SHIFT. I like it! And what I like more is having the outline for Shift complete, for the most part.

As of last night I completed the outline. I’m not sure how everyone else does this, but for me I broke down my outline by chapter and in point form I listed the major events that need to happen for each chapter. This is of course a rough draft. The outline is only a guide for me to write the book, this way I know exactly where this book is going. Will this outline be accurate at the end of the first draft? Probably not, but it’s definitely a start.

This is the first time I’ve ever used an outline so it’ll be interesting to see how the process works. My prediction is that this will help reduce the amount of drafts I need to do in the end, as well as make sure to prevent any major plot holes. Whether or not the characters actually let the story go this way I have no idea, but it definitely beats staring at a blank page and saying “Hrmm, what’s next?”

Tonight I start writing, possibly. I might give the outline a day or two to settle on the page before I decide if it’s ready to start but I think I have enough to go on.

I’ve had this book in mind since roughly halfway through my second draft of Exiled and I’ve been making notes every chance I had. I didn’t want to lose any idea’s that were flowing in but I couldn’t abandon Exiled and work on Shift until I knew the first book was complete. That’s not to say I didn’t want to, I did. In fact it was a challenge not to just start writing, but now that opportunity has arrived and I am excited.

I’m excited to not have to revise the same work I’ve been puttering around with for 18 months. If I get an agent and/or a publisher I’m sure they’ll have changes they want made and I’m fully prepared to take those into consideration but until this happens I get to continue the story I started.

The reason this is so exciting is because it’s new. I finally get to get back into the world I created and hang out with those characters. This is an awesome experience for me and I think with everything I learned through trial, error, and revisions with the first book this one will be written much more smoothly. After all, the only way to perfect the craft of writing is to write.

As for Exiled, the queries are out (the first wave of queries anyways) and as I begin writing Shift who knows, hopefully I’ll make some progress into finding an agent. It will be great to be able to say I have an outline for a second book, I’ve already started writing it, and the series outline is in progress. I predict anywhere from 5 – 7 books for the series but again, who knows where the story and the characters will take us.

Happy writing!

Tune in next time. Same Matt time, same Matt Channel.

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