Back to the grind…or something like that

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So after an unexpected series of events I was forced to take some time off from my day job, writing, and of course, blogging. I did manage on that time off however,  to receive another rejection. That makes 4 now!

This rejection was the most personal rejection I’ve received yet. We all know literary agents are busy busy busy all the time, so to get a letter that wasn’t a form rejection was pretty awesome. Of course I am still a little sad to have received a rejection but I refuse to take them personally.

One thing that was pointed out to me in this specific rejection was a few grammar errors and spelling mistakes. One of which is a spelling error I cannot believe I made, but alas it has been done. After 6 revisions/drafts I still have some errors. The advice I was given was that it may be best for me to hire a freelance editor to clean up the nuts and bolts.  This however is not an option for me. If you’ve ever looked into hiring an editor it isn’t cheap and to be honest, I don’t have a few thousand dollars for this. So I’m left with trying to do it on my own.

Now I don’t have any secondary education and I didn’t really pay much attention in high school but I can say my spelling is fairly strong, aside from a very simple and ridiculous spelling error that should not have been made I think my MS is strong. Grammar however is not my strongest asset.

When it comes to basic grammar I think I can hold my own. But when I try to work semi-colons, colons, and dashes into my work I think that’s where the problem lies. Or at least I hope so, otherwise my MS could be in trouble.

The fact-of-the-matter is that the agent took the time out of their ridiculously busy schedule to give me a few pieces of advice on my manuscript, which is great and I thank them for that. Now granted as I’ve already stated, I cannot take said advice and get a freelance editor. What I can do is go through word by word and first, check spelling. Then I can go sentence by sentence and hopefully correct the incorrect punctuation marks to the best of my ability. Now I thought I had done this to the best of my ability already, but if an agent is pointing it out then it is definitely something I want to work on. This may need more research and self-educating but as always: anything to help me perfect my craft.

With everything that’s happened over the last week, please accept my apology for missing most of last week. But, in light of certain events I may not be posting as often for the next while. I will try my best to post every day, but alas as I get less time in my day my writing must come first.

Good news though, the outline for book 2 is nearly complete. I was able to get some work done on it this weekend and managed to get the first 3/4 of my outline organized and complete. That in itself is exciting. So as you continue to follow me while I attempt to break into the publishing world, you will also get to witness me as I begin to write the first draft of book two.

Hope everyone has a great week and again, I will try to keep up with the posts!

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