Almost there. 97,000 words and lowering

Posted by on Jun 4, 2010 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

So my unknown friends, we’ve made major progress. I’m down to 97,000 words and 100 pages left. If not by tonight, tomorrow I’ll be done giving my novel a drastic hair cut.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be removing the sample chapters from the site so tonight’s your last night to view them.

Come Monday I’m going to tell you all about the things I’ve learned just by doing this final revision, and even more about the process I used to edit my manuscript from day one. This, I hope, will help to show you my process, but not THE process. After all, every process is different for every writer, not to mention that this was the first thing I’d ever really written so my experience with drafting it has been painful, to say the least. I’m sure had I done some research into editing before I begun it would have turned out differently.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend, read those sample chapters and love them so you can beg for more, and don’t forget to get some of that much procrastinated writing done!!!

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