When all else fails, take a break.

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Today is a break day. I’m taking the day off from writing. I need to give my manuscript, query, and synopsis some time to breathe. I find that sometimes when working on any of the above items, you get so caught up in striving to make them perfect that you don’t give the words a chance to settle on the page. For me, I find that causes me to editing great lines, and I don’t pay enough attention to the things that need the work. So I’m going to take the night to relax, and do my best not to think about anything related to my book. Aside from this blog, I don’t plan on doing any writing of any kind. I’m hoping that by doing this, I’ll be able to come back to my work with a fresh set of eyes. Now needless to say, one day isn’t always enough, it may take two, or three, but I don’t think I could leave it alone for more than that without going a little crazy. So in hopes of doing some major work, and hopefully completing both my query and synopsis in the next week, I’ll let everything sit for now and hope it gives me the break I need to really tackle these project.

What do you think, do you ever find that you spend so much consecutive time working on a singe project that you end up doing more harm than good? I know with each draft I completed of my MS, I let it breath for at least three weeks, usually a month. That definitely helped me bring a new perspective to my project. What do you do when you just can’t get it right, you’re trying so hard to finish that last piece but the words just won’t flow properly? Do you take a break, and if so, how long?

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