Warning: Idea Interruption, Idea Interruption

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Why is it that when you’ve dedicated yourself to a project, that you are constantly getting run over by new ideas for different project?

I’m getting near the end of my book now – I’m about three-quarters of the way through – but I’m still getting a rush of new ideas that swarm at me while I’m engulfed in the world created. I don’t understand it. I don’t remember ever being overrun with idea’s before I started writing. Is it just because the creative juices are flowing and now I’ve opened a flood gate? Either way, I now have several different word documents, napkins, e-mails and text messages I’ve sent to myself, with a new idea for a story. Not necessarily a completely new idea, perhaps it’s just a spin-off or a sequel to my story, but in some cases it is a totally new idea.

Now I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong. I’m just curious why this happens. I’ve done my best to not let them distract me by  patiently writing each idea down in brief detail and going back to the story at hand. But will the magic of that idea still be there when I return, or will it be gone? And if it is gone, does that mean it wasn’t a magical idea at all and I should scrap it, or perhaps it’s amazing but it’s just not ready to pursue yet. Maybe it needs poking, prodding and overall development. Who knows…

As I finish reading my story, I’m filled with a range of emotions. I’m happy to say not only have I written a book, but also revised, rewrote, and drafted it five separate times. I’m excited to start pitching it to agents to see if there is any interest in it beyond my own. I’m also scared to pitch it to agents, in fear there isn’t any interest in it beyond my own and I’ll be a magnet for rejections. Among those emotions is fear. Fear to finally have this book be complete. That means I have to start a new one. I have an outline for it almost complete and I’m excited to write it, but will it have the same magic as the first, or will it blow the first one out of the water and be amazing, and if that happens what do I do with the first on that’s crap, it’s the first in my series.
As you can see, I’m a bit of a basket case right now. I’ve got a million questions and emotions riding circles in my brain, but I can assure you I am not always like this. I honestly feel it’s a regular emotion that any writer, new or aspiring may go through. It seems logical why I would feel all these things, but yet I wish I had a better handle on them. So as I deal with these emotions and continue to deflect the oncoming ideas onto their own pages for later, I must get back to my book. After all, it’s not going to finish itself.

Tune in tomorrow. Same Matt time, same Matt channel.

DISCLAIMER: Please note actual time and channel will vary from region and time zone; and depending on his mood, may not air at all.

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