The Final Read

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So obviously life is busy since I managed to miss another day. But the good news is, I’ve been doing a final read through of my manuscript. I’m a third of way through now and so far I’ve only had to tighten up a few sentences. I think I will have to re-read the last two chapters though, I feel I could make them flow better. Perhaps there is too much information and it’s bogging them down, I’m not entirely sure yet. I have really enjoyed this read through so far, more so than any of the others. It’s the first one I’ve gotten to just enjoy the story and not have to focus so much on sentence structure, grammar or spelling. This time it’s really just a fun read, with a little tightening along the way.

I’m hoping to have it read, and the last polish complete by the end of the long weekend. Then for the last week May I will be reviewing my query one last time, and working on polishing the two different synopsis’s I’ve developed for my manuscript. Once I have all that complete, I’ll be posting the first few chapters here, so stay tuned for that!

The first week of June – if all goes according to plan and my personal deadlines – I’ll be sending out the first wave of queries. I’m sure they’ll be rejections in the mix, but hopefully I’ll get some requests for partials, that way I know my query is where it needs to be. The last thing I ‘want’ is to have to revise my query for the… let me see…I dunno, one billionth time? I’m sure it’s somewhere close to that.

So throughout this week I’ll be letting you know a few things. First, if the story has turned out how I first envisioned it. I’m sure it hasn’t since there was no outline involved but I did have a general idea of how the characters would be and how they would talk and act with each other. Second, you’ll find out how many drafts of my story I’ve done, and a deeper look into what I did with each individual draft. And last but not least, you’ll find out what my overall impression has been of the writing process. From the first idea, to realizing I had a great story, to finding out I had to write a query and synopsis, to total completion… unless there is query and synopsis revising to be done after a first wave of rejections with no requests.

In short, this week will give you a brief look into my world as I wrote the story from beginning to submission point. I started this blog so you could follow me as I entered the publishing world, tried to get an agent, and get my book published. What I haven’t explored with you is the journey I took to get to here, so this week that’s what you’ll get to see!

Tune in next time. Same Matt time, same Matt channel.

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