Synopsis where art thou?

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Well I’ve had it; I’m putting the query away and calling it complete (I meant it this time, honest). Seriously though, I truly think it’s ready. I’ve made a few minor adjustments, a few things have been tightened, and all in all I feel it’s ready. 

Book complete: CHECK. Query complete: Uh…ER…CHECK…I think. Synopsis complete: Not so much. I’m hoping it won’t take too much time to complete, but just like the query, it is a necessary evil. 

I’ve never written a synopsis before, although I’m sure that’s to be expected from someone who had never written a query or manuscript before. I think it will be easier than both for two reasons:

One, I already know what happens in the book and my synopsis is basically the play by-play. It’s going to show the agent that: a) I’ve created believable characters and a plot that makes sense. b) It will include the ending, and of course, show that the book works as a whole. There are no plot holes, and I’ve brought it all together. It’s worthy of your full manuscript request!

Second, the synopsis has to SHOW that I brought my story to life. Show that the characters are real and developed. It has to show that my main character has indeed, experienced a change throughout the story.

Having said that, I’m slowly retracting my previous statement. Saying it will be easier than the query and novel, perhaps was premature. Easier isn’t the right word… maybe i should say it will be as challenging.

The main issue I had writing my query was ‘bringing it to life’like I had brought my story to life. How do you bring the ‘voice’ of a story that is 109,000 words to life in a single paragraph? Well I suppose since now I get anywhere from 1 to 5 pages to do this it should be easier. But then again, since when does anything that should happen a specific way actually work like that?

Tonight I will start writing the synopsis Tomorrow I will let you know how that battle is going. If it’s anything like the query letter than I suppose I’ll complete it quickly (in a few days), and be completely satisfied with it. When I  come back to it after the idea’s have had time to settle in on the page, I’ll decided it’s terrible and continue to revise and/or rewrite it completely. Only time will tell on this one.

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