Synopsis Success: It is in my future

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Here we are again, fighting the good fight against the evil forces that are literary requirements…or something along those lines. I had a fantastic weekend, a fantastic daddy/daughter day with my daughter and spent a fabulous day with my wife and daughter on Mother’s Day. But the weekend was not without its work.

 After a week or so, I’ve successfully completed two drafts for my synopses. A two page draft double spaced, and a six page draft double spaced. Now granted, it is only a first draft, but to be honest I’m happy with the outcome thus far. I’ll be posting it on one or two critique sites to get some feedback from other readers and writers, and then be posting a revised version here soon.

I was on the extreme end of frustrated when I started the synopsis. I’d done some research about how to complete it, although the ‘how to’ guide I was hoping to find is pretty much non-existent. There is however, plenty of information out there from writers and literary agents alike, but many of these sources have different ideas of what  should be contained in the synopsis.

Some sources suggest giving a brief rundown of your plot and main characters, a similar requirement of the query, the difference then? You include the ending. Other sources think that a full detailed account is necessary, include every single plot point and every single character. Needless to say this is not the route I took.

In my two page draft, I included the major plot points and a brief description of each, trying to show the story happening and characters developing along the way, which is difficult within a short amount of space. In the six page draft,  I went into further detail  of course. Introducing more of the story’s cast and developing more of the plot points further, forced me to  introduced other aspects of the story like the smaller plot points. They may or may not be as important to the story as a whole, but still, without them the reader would be confused.

So by posting these on select critique sites, I can get feedback from both published writers, and other aspiring authors. Hopefully in the next week, or maybe even two, I’ll have a completed/near complete draft of my synopsis and begin sending out my query, which is still an ongoing battle of perfection. I’ve since learned that the query doesn’t have to be PERFECT, as I’m not sure that’s possible, but it does need to be good enough to catch said agent’s attention. Can I succeed in doing such a thing? Only time will tell, but I am confident there will be a nicely polished query and synopsis in the end. Until next time…

Tune in tomorrow, same Matt time, same Matt channel.

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