Query Time!!!

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So, here we are again. I have my finished manuscript in hand and I’ve completed, revised, and polished (I think) the query in question. After some much appreciated critique from some fellow writers whom I don’t know, I’ve made a few changes and now we’ll see what everybody thinks. I’ve applied a link to my query page here where you are free to (and I hope you do) comment, critique and therefore rip it all apart. I want and need this to be the best possible query I can craft, and with 1 rejection already in my possession (although I’ve revised my query since then) I realize that outside opinions would be of great value and a huge asset to my writing. Tomorrow I will be posting about what I like/dislike about my query and my opinions of it. Why tomorrow? Because I don’t want my thoughts to conflict any of your ideas, and so that your critiques will not conflict with mine I am pre-writing that post. I look forward to tomorrow and hope to get some fantastic advice and opinions on it. Cheers!

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