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So after some great critique from Agent Query Connect, I’ve revised my query once again. Yes you read that correctly. That means that could very possibly be revision 1,000,001. I’ve also submitted my query to the QueryShark, but we’ll see what happens with that. Unfortunately she has the earlier version, but I still hope to be selected and have some feed back from an agent. I’ve decided to post the fourth chapter of my book, and this will be the last one I post. I haven’t received any feedback on it yet but hopefully if I leave it up long enough I will.

If you want to check out the revised query letter you can see it here, and I definitely recommend if you’re an aspiring writer to check out Agent Query Connect. It’s an incredible resource that I’ve just stumbled upon and I think it’s a great value to anybody who wants to get some feedback. You can get your query, synopsis, first chapters, and first pages critiqued. If that’s not helpful to a writer than I don’t know what is! Aside from critiques it’s a great site to meet new people, network, and maybe even exchange work with another writer privately. There is a wealth of knowledge to be found there and I feel lucky to have found it.

As for me, I’m going to continue chipping away at this query business until I get some really positive response on it. I still have 4 of the 5 agents I queried the last week to respond and I should be hearing from them sometime in the next 2 – 3 weeks. Hopefully the query I submitted isn’t so horrible they reject it, I’m still happy with it, but it was wordy at best and needed some trimming. If it wasn’t for some generous critiques I’d never have known that. Thanks to everyone at AGENT QUERY who helped me with that.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Make sure to read the posted chapters and leave your comments and/or thoughts. There could be more on the way…

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