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I’ve only just created this blog, and having not given it time to breathe, or create an audience. I fear this query posting was a little pre-emptive. Still, I shall share my thoughts, but I will hold back posting the first chapters of my novel until I’ve given this blog time to grow. So on with the show!

The act of writing a novel has not been easy. My first attempt made it to 19,000 words until I realized I had taken the story in so many directions, there was no way to bring them all together. Not unless I was going to write some epic 300,000 word novel, and even then I couldn’t guarantee it would tie together smoothly.

When I first sat down to write this novel, it was not my intention to write a book. I was having a rough week and as writing (journals) has always been therapeutic for me I sat down to release some tension. Although I didn’t want to write a journal entry, I wanted to escape. Leave my terrible week and enter a world where there was no such word as impossible, in a world where any monster from ancient mythology could roam the world, and new creatures of my imagination could spring to the pages and devour their enemies.

I started writing about a character who I felt was very much like myself: difficult to talk too: impossible to read, and sometimes felt like he had more weight on his shoulders than he could bear. I had no intention of writing a book, just a neat idea in a world where I could forget my worries. Then after a few hours of writing I was done; I’d had enough for one night. I felt better and loved the world I’d just entered, there was only one problem: I didn’t want to leave!

I realized then that I had something here, and as the weeks and months drew on I continued writing, expanding on my world of half-demons and magic. Looking back on it now, I wished I had written an outline, it would have made everything so much easier. Once I finished the book, I started the query. I’d written it several times over, each time loving what I’d written even more. But the problem was, every time I gave it air to breath and came back to it, I was no longer satisfied and had to revise and/or rewrite it again. Convinced I’d written the best one yet, I rushed to send it off to my first agent. Promptly receiving a rejection. Adrenaline pumping, a little sad, and convinced the sky was falling, I ripped the query apart. I stripped it of it’s clothing, tore the flesh from its bone, and left nothing but the core, the skeleton of the query. Now before I posted my query here, I posted it on said agents website, using the forums. I received some fantastic critique that explained I needed to do some major tightening and give some more details as towhat the book is about. And so I made the necessary changes and the query now lives here.

My thoughts on my query are difficult to describe. Having written, revised, scrapped, and rewritten it dozens of times, I’m not sure if I’m coming or going. Previous critiques said it was too vague, so the query I’ve posted has been beefed up substantially from its predecessor. I think I’m very close to having a complete query here, it’s full of details to bring you into the world I’ve created and gives real evidence that I can carry the idea through 109,000 words.  My only fear is that I’ve written too much, but hopefully by posting it here I can received some other great feed back. I hope that from that feedback other readers can see and learn what I wrote, and based on others opinions form a few ideas of their own why it does or doesn’t work. So this is me signing off, hoping to hear from YOU, on what you think of my query for EXILED.

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