Nightmare On Synopsis Street

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Welcome to my most recent nightmare, The Synopsis. As for my post yesterday, I might have to retract yet again, my earlier statement. The synopsis may very well be more difficult than the query.

The query was difficult because it had to be 1 page, professional, and condensed to an extreme. Trying to do that, and show more major plot turns and the ending in a single page is proving even more difficult. I’m starting with my single page (two pages double spaced) synopsis, because I feel completing the shorter one will make finishing the longer one easier.  

Once I do complete the single page synopsis – and I’m satisfied with the result  – I will yet again, review my query. Once I’m satisfied both meet my expectation of greatness, I’ll move on to the longer synopsis. This one can be anywhere from two to twelve pages in length, and will definitely have to include all the plot points and character developments. In some ways I feel this will be more difficult. I’m hoping after completing the first one, I can take the same approach as before and simply expand of the single page synopsis.  Lucky for me, a good part of my ‘A’ list literary agents don’t normally request synopses, but still, some of them do, so it’s not completely avoidable (which I was hoping).

I thought, given that I’d have more space, and be strictly writing a synopsis I would wrap it up fairly quickly, so far, that is not the case. I think what I need to do is take my query, and simply add to it. Expand on certain parts of the query and include more details on added parts. This, I believe will make the single page query easier to achieve. I’m not going to lie however; I wish I would have though of doing it this way a few hours of work ago.

What do you think of synopses? Are they easier or more difficult than the query? What trick (if any) did you use to write a successful one? I will say I do have some great websites I’m using right now and yes, I will be sure to post them all on the site over the next few days. For now, I’m going to return to my nightmare and beat this fowl beast until nothing remains but greatness. Care to join me?

Enjoy your weekend and I will be back next week, with a few helpful websites, books, and hopefully, a partially complete synopsis.

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