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Sunday night I did it. I completed the final draft of my manuscript. I found as the last chapter came, I was reading faster and faster trying to get to the end. Any time I’m reading a book, I find if it’s a good book, I’m reading faster and faster and I can’t stop turning the pages near the end. I want to know what happens and I want to know now! So the fact that I’ve been working on this manuscript for over a year and I know the story inside out, it’s a pretty good sign as far as I’m concerned; I found that same page turning excitement as I finished my manuscript.

I spent a good part of yesterday putting the finishing touches on my query, which I’ve updated on the QUERY page. Today I’m doing a few different things. I’m polishing both versions of my synopsis as well as doing more research on agents. I have a pretty good size list so far, but I want to make sure I’ve done my research well. I want to know that I’m not just sending query after query to any agent that represents my genre. I’m trying to make sure I’m only selecting agents that I feel would be a good fit for the novel, and myself. After all, working with me is long-term, this single novel is the short-term in the grand scheme of things. Why would I pick just any agent to represent me, or an agent that might a great fit for this specific novel, but not long-term . Said agent is going to work with me to climb the literary ladder and develop a writing career, I don’t want just anybody working with me on that. Sure I want an agent that knows the business, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be open to a new agent. I don’t necessarily need the experience a veteran agent has to offer, but I need somebody who will work with me to develop my writing and knowledge of the business. A good agent is not something – in my opinion – to be taken for granted. Now I’m strictly speaking from my own thoughts, I have no experience in this field what-so-ever. What I do have though, is a wealth of knowledge from research in books and websites. As far as I’m concerned, I want an agent to represent me and help me through the process, I think they will be a priceless asset in getting me published and helping me make this a full-time gig.

As I said Friday before we all enjoyed a glorious long weekend (or most of us anyways), I did tell you all that I would be posting the first few chapters for your viewing pleasure. As promised I have posted the first chapter. You can find it HERE, or find the link on the side of the page. I’ve updated my query to the one I’ll be sending out and I urge everyone and anyone to post their comments, concerns and critique on both pages. Feel free to rip it all apart should you feel the need, however let’s try to keep everything as polite and constructive as possible. Later this week I’ll be posting the second chapter, and based on feedback I may post 1 – 3 more chapters after that. Hopefully the feedback will be overwhelming and I’ll have no other choice!

That’s it for today. So for any of you that have been reading so far, I hope I’ve been able to point you in the right direction as far as resources that helped me, and if not I hope I was entertaining enough along the way. Now the journey really begins, we start submitting and see what happens. Who knows, their may be more final drafts in the future for this book and hopefully many more. The query may need to reworked or possibly rewritten completely, but as for now, I’m confident in everything I’m submitting (I wouldn’t be submitting it otherwise now would I!). So now you don’t get to read about me pushing my way through to the final draft, now it’s a whole new race.

Tune in next time. Same Matt time, same Matt channel!

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