Fame and Fortune here I come

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Hooray for the long weekend! Although boo for the weather. Rain and snow is a guarantee for us here in Alberta on May long. It never fails.

On the plus side it’s a reason for me to stay inside and finish my book. I’ve been meeting the deadlines I’ve set so far and if I continue to do so I’ll have the last read-through/edit done by Sunday. This is good news for you because that means next week I’ll be posting the first few chapters for your enjoyment and critique. I hope to get some feedback on them because as of June 1st, I’ll finish personalizing my queries and begin sending them out.

After a month’s time I hope to have copious amounts of partial and full requests.   Then some fantastic agent will sell my book to a huge publisher, which will lead to; movie rights being sold, a spinoff televisions show, and small action figurines in toy stores around  the world. Lunch boxes, coffee cups, and t-shirts based all around my novel will be in offices, backpacks, and on bodies worldwide and I’ll have to hide in seclusion from the media…That’s the way this stuff works right? Right!

Okay, with that confident step forward (and out-of-the-way) we get back to reality. Hopefully I will indeed get some requests for partial and full versions of my manuscript. Hopefully I’ll land a great agent and together we can start climbing the career ladder and develop a loyal audience.  And in 10 years maybe I’ll be doing well enough to quit my day job…A man can dream can’t he?

Next week I’ll be posting a few chapters, but I have yet to decide how many. Could be 3, could be 5, we’ll see how the feedback goes and if everyone is enjoying them. The first week of June is just around the corner and I have some tightening of my work to do still, so back to work for me!

I hope you all have a great weekend and tune in next week. Same Matt time, same Matt channel…I know it’s corny but I just can’t get enough of it yet!

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